Zen and the Art of Chiropractic Adjustment and Healing

Science, Art, and Philosophy of Chiropractic


Zen Matsuda was born in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. He earned his four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science from Northwestern College in St. Paul. After graduation, he continued his study in Doctorate of Chiropractic in Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington, Minnesota. During his course of study, he came across Gonstead Chiropractors that changed his idea about Chiropractic. Spending many hours of seminars, internships, and practice, he learned how to analyze the spine biomechanically and specific/precise correction of the spine.

In 2010, he opened Zen Chiropractic in Minnesota. Dr. Zen, using the unique name given by his father, fused Eastern and Western concepts of healing. Dr. Zen took the idea of Chi from the East and Chiropractic from the West to inspire healing from within. Zen Chiropractic establishes 100% function and communication of the Brain/Spinal Cord to the body so the individual can have full capacity for self-control, mental discipline, and help combat many mental/physical diseases. Dr. Zen’s patients appreciate the dedication of his work in inspiring their healing mentally/physically from within.

Dr. Zen and his wife Fernanda married in 2008 at The Church of All Nations where they originally met. Both are active participants at their church.Dr. Zen serves as a Deacon as of January 2015, Board member of Japanese American Citizen’s League, active participant of Edina Chamber’s of Commerce, South Side Business Network, Better Business Bureau of Minnesota, Minnesota Employee Recreation and Service Council, Japanese American Society of Minnesota.


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